Who Is Tom R. Tyler? I moved my family from Long Beach, CA to Boulder City in 1991.  I wanted my children to grow up in a small town.  I worked for Vons/Safeway and was able to transfer to the Las Vegas District.  Upon my retirement, I went to gunsmith school in Colorado.  I returned home and constructed a shop in my backyard.  It also serves as my bunker because I like to know that my family and friends will be safe under any circumstance. Six years ago, I lost my wife to suicide.  In grief, I turned to volunteer work.  I volunteered at the Boulder City Senior Center, was a scout leader for several years and currently serve as the President of Boulder City Emergency Aid.  I recently remarried Cheryl Musson, a licensed clinical social worker employed by United Healthcare. We are members of the Elks Lodge 1682 where I assist with the Christmas dinner program for Boulder City residents in need. My children prospered in Boulder’s environment and between the schools, the park department and their mom, they were properly prepared for life.  Both my children received scholarships; Katie Tyler attended Loyola Marymount,CA and Travis Tyler attended Dartmouth,NH.  I have four grandchildren that live in town and three that reside in Illinois.  I could not be happier that many of my grandchildren will grow up in Boulder City and continue the family presence.  Boulder City’s Master Plan states a vision I support.  I am totally committed to the controlled growth ordinance and maintaining the town’s infrastructure and its footprint.   I want to work to maintain the economic diversity of the town’s population.  I would like our town to remain affordable for our children and our fixed income seniors. Thank You for the Support!!! Tom R. Tyler
CAMPAIGN GOAL I propose we close the pool!  Keep the lobby and racquetball courts and demo the rest.  Build new locker rooms and build two new pools side by side in the old footprint.  One pool is for competition that is 6 foot minimum depth with 8 lanes. Second pool that is 3-4 foot deep for lap swims, warm up, swim lessons same lengths.

NO on Sports Complex

We have two gyms, one just refurbished Tennis courts are viable in current state
PROS: We do not lose the tennis courts or the old trees in the park. We save the money of maintaining the old pool. The remodel should take half the time as new construction of the purposed sports complex. The price savings from downsizing the project. Maintain historic feel of Broadbent Park. Hole mostly dug and there is room for the remodeled pools. Save demo cost of pool ($1 million) which would occur after sports complex completion.
CON: People will have to use the pool in Henderson (Heritage) which is as close as Smith’s.
When Done 1. The swim team, which is year round, will return to Boulder City and have 50 to 100 children paying user fees. 2. Income from community swim lessons and classes. 3. Income from swim competitions, during the school year. 4. Pool located close to school for our high school students to practice.
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Interview of candidates for Boulder City Council
Future Fate of Emergency Aid    The city manager, Alfonso Noyola has informed me (President of Emergency Aid) that there is a study for better uses of city owned historical buildings. Emergency Aid and its food bank are located in the old water and power building, 600 Nevada Hwy. Through grants and donations Emergency Aid was able to reinvest $200,000 back into our community last year by helping Boulder City residents with medical  bills, rent and mortgages, utility bills, Angel Tree, etc. If our residents can prove the need, we try to help them. Emergency Aid also distributes food for Three Square, Southern Nevada's governments food distribution program. The city manager does not have a suggestion where I might move but assures me Emergency Aid has his full support. EA has to have a truck dock to function which limits my location possibilities. Help me keep Emergency Aid's building. Emergency Aid is over 50 years old and has had this location for years. EA is open 5 days a week 9:00 am till noon, closed Wednesday and Sunday.  This schedule does not interfere with the downtown commerce. I invite everyone to visit Emergency Aid and see for yourselves. Remember, that EA is run by volunteers from the BC community and we are always in need of more assistance. Further Discussion of Emergency Aid    Emergency Aid is open to moving but give us a spot. The city generously pays the rent and electricity at the current location.  Our current location is in walking distance to a lot of our clients. I suggested a location but its owned by a private party. EA needs a unloading dock or a fork lift and help moving. What potential EA would have with a walk in cooler. Throw EA a bone and not back us up against a wall. Right now, my understanding is EA might need to move but city has no clue where or how we are going to get the money to move. This is why I am asking the community to help EA keep our current location. Give us some hard facts and EA will be very reasonable. A Blast from the Past At the 11/27/2007 city council meeting, plans were rolled out to convert the LA Water and Power Building into a two story performing venue for the Red Mountain Music Company (RMMC). At that time, Brok Armantrout , Director of Community Development, was also on the board of directors of the RMMC as President. Peggy Leavitt was also on the board and was secretary/treasurer for RMMC. Emergency Aid of Boulder City was operating out of two office spaces and a sizable food pantry just like now. RMMC acknowledged that the proposed relocation would present several challenges and was, therefore willing to commit time, volunteer labor and any available resources to the process. The RMMC's plan for the building did not go forward because the residents of the adjacent streets objected and organized. The project was objectionable due to the lack of parking in the area and possible noise problems it would create for nearby residents. There was a considerable push by the community and the plans were shelved. Brok Armantrout had to step down from the RMMC board of directors. Twelve years later we have another study for the best use for the water power building. The last study established that parking was bad and the citizens wanted the building left alone. Peggy Leavitt is on the council and Brock is in city government. Both people have already tried to move Emergency Aid and now we are supposed to believe that EA is in no danger of being moved. I am still unaware of an alternate location and must continue asking for the citizen’s support in leaving Emergency Aid alone.
Water Rates Monthly water rates consist of a service charge based on meter size, plus a volume consumption charge based on a tier rate structure. Let's compare Boulder City and Henderson's rates for residential customers with a 3/4 inch meter. BC monthly service charge for 5/8-1" meter is $37.56; Henderson is $13.27. Most houses use 15,000 gallons a month. I do not understand why our rates are higher than Henderson, when we get an allotment of water from the dam.  Boulder City does give its corporate clients a nice discount.  After 60,000 gallons, BC users pay $3.73 per 1000 gallons compared to Henderson charging $4.62 per 1000 gallons. Henderson has a much lower threshold for rates for high utilizers i.e. Henderson rates increase at 30,000 gallons while BC rates increase at 60,000 gallons. What's going on? Boulder City Resolutions 6489. 6490, 6491 states on July 1, 2019 and each subsequent year there is a   2.5 % increase of rates for water, electricity and sewer from now on. In 5 years utilities will increase 14 % without even knowing if it's essential.
Solar Plant
Nevada 1 Solar    This "wet-cooled" solar thermal plant uses 400 acre-feet of water per year, about 6 acre-feet of water per megawatt (MW). To put it another way, coal fired power plants use 110 to 300 gallons per megawatt hour (MWh); a nuclear plant uses between 500 and 1100 gallons/MWh; and a solar parabolic trough plant uses 760 to 920 gallons/MWh. Solar thermal power plants, like coal, natural gas, and nuclear plants, boil water into superheated steam, which then turns turbines to generate electricity. The steam must be condensed back into water in cooling towers, and this is where most of the fresh water is used up in wet-cooled systems. Waste heat is dissipated in steam evaporated off into the air. For Nevada 1, the water comes from Lake Mead through negotiation with Boulder City's supply. The Colorado River is already strained in allocations for multiple states and cities. Water-Thirsty Electricity    The cooling towers at Nevada 1 Solar evaporated huge amounts of water from the Colorado River to cool the steam cycle. 1 acre  foot = 325,851 gallons of water  400 acre feet = 130,340,400 gallons of water After 60,000 gallons  usage Boulder City ,NV charges $3.73 per 1000 gallons  and Henderson, NV charges $4.62 per 1000 gallons If we had the same water rates as Henderson,  the city would have an extra ( $.89 x 130340 1000/gal)=$116,002 Cascata golf club is another large volume user.   I have asked the city to supply the exact numbers  but I cannot afford $25.00 an hour research fee. I am running for city council and am looking for the answers to our city's  problems.  I believe in smaller government and we need someone to aid the city manager in following the citizens’ wishes. 
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